Banana Misi Luki

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Beautiful green foliage and is highly disease resistant. Flowers in autumn and harvest in spring. Tight bunches of delicious lady finger bananas, short and fat and very sweet.

Habit - Bananas are very easy to grow. Vigorous plant that is tolerant of drought and poor soils. Ideal family is one mother plant with 2-3 daughters. Once a plant has fruited cut it down and chop into pieces and add as mulch around the daughters.

Size - Quick growing banana reaching approximate height of 3-4m.

Pollination - Self-fertile. The flower stalk appears out of the centre once the plant is fully grown. It hangs down as the flower develops. The male flower develops at the end of the flower stalk creating a bell. The female flowers spiral around the stem. The female flowers are white tubular with rich nectar purple bracts and deep red within.

Harvest - Once a bunch of bananas has developed remove the bell flower. This will make sure the energy is put into fruit development. Harvest the bunch once the oldest bananas start to yellow and hang up in a shed to ripen. Or harvest fruit individually as they tree ripen in spring. This is ideal in cooler climates.Good shelf life.


Fruiting Time: September - Novemmber