Blueberry Sapphire Blue 3L

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Blueberry Sapphire Blue 3L

This new and delicious variety produces large and delicious fruit on long, graceful arching stems. To improve pollination and fruit set plant with another  variety such as Tasty Blue.  Can be grown in a large pot. Fruits from January to February

Grows 2  x 1.5 m

Full sun, can handle some afternoon shade. Prefers free-draining, slightly acidic soil rich in organic matter.

Semi self-fertile. For best results plant near another variety of blueberry.

Dig a hole twice the size of the pot.  Backfill, mixing in compost, peat and perhaps some rooster booster pellets, and then plant into the loosened soil.

Water regularly through summer.

Prune out dead, damaged and diseased wood after it has finished fruiting.