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The Tifblue Blueberry is a variety from the Rabbiteye family. These blueberries are native to the Southern US and are a favorite in home gardens because of their resistance to disease and heat and drought tolerance.

The Tifblue is the most cold hardy blue berry bush in the Rabbiteye family. It has the potential to produce a huge abundance of blueberries. Foliage can be characterized by a glossy green texture with a beautiful burgundy fall color. Tifblue blueberries are small to medium in size and are tart in flavor until fully ripened.

The Tifblue Blueberry bush makes a great hedge because of its astounding size. Use it for screening purposes, plant in clusters or as a single specimen in the backyard. It will be sure to bring enjoyment to all when harvest season comes along.

Blueberries produce best when cross pollinated - so pick a couple of varieties that tempt the taste buds, and harvest some delicious fruit in the seasons to come.