Burnets Gold Slow Release RHODODENDRON & CAMELLIA 900g

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The complete Slow Release Plant Food Ideal for Pots, Containers & Garden Beds

SUITABLE FOR: All acid loving plants including: Rhododendrons, Camellias Azaleas, Daphne, Ericas, Michelia, Hydrangeas, Pieris, Boronias, Enkianthus, Magnolias, and Kalmia etc. 

APPLICATION:Simply sprinkle evenly around Plants outer drip zone and fork in lightly. Remove any Fertiliser from stem or leaves by brushing or watering off. 

Apply 25grms (2 Level Scoops) around each Plant when active growth starts, August / September then again November / December and follow with another in February / March.

For new plants incorporate 25grms of Burnet’s Gold into the planting hole. Or broadcast application may be made at 25grams per square metre. 

Avoid contact with Trunk or Stems 

NPK 18-1.3-13 

Plus Sulphur 8%, Iron 0.1% Manganese 0.1%