Clusia Rosea Princess 14cm Pot Plant

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The Clusia rosea Princess is a very reputable plant in Europe and has been labelled as IKEA's number one selling indoor plant. With its symmetrical leaf and branch structure this upright perennial is elegantly perfect.
As a well researched air-purifying plant the Clusia will help create a healthy home for your customers. While this plant likes to be kept damp, being drought tolerant, it will forgive your customer for missing a water or two. It is also a plant that is ok in a position of lower light levels, ideal for those darker corners of the home.
  • Habitat: Will grow 50-100cm indoors. Trim to maintain shape.
  • Light: Likes bright indirect light, but will cope with medium light levels and degree of shade.
  • Water: Water thoroughly and keep moist. However, plant is drought tolerant.
  • Soil: Likes a well draining soil with an element of peat or bark. 
  • Fertiliser: Once a month during periods of growth. 

Note: Picture is a guide only, plant size may differ from image