Grosafe EnSpray 99 Insect Oil RTU

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Active ingredient: Contains 20g/L mineral oil in the form of a ready-to-use liquid.

General information: A ready-to-use insect spraying oil for the control of mites, aphids, thrips, scale, mealybugs, whitefly, powdery mildew and botrytis in all ornamentals, roses, fruit trees and indoor plants. Not recommended for use on palms and ferns. It is preferable to spray when drying conditions are good, although avoid the midday sun. Do not use within 14 days of any sulphur sprays. Bottle can be reused, please refrain from using powder/granular formulations as the particles may block the nozzle. NIL WITHHOLDING PERIOD

Directions: Commence spraying at first sign of insects or disease. Repeat at 14 day intervals if required. Ensure full coverage of all leaf surfaces, in particular the underside. Do not spray in the heat of the day or when the soil is dry and plants are under moisture stress. 1. Shake bottle well before use and maintain periodic agitation during use. 2. For initial use, pump spray trigger approximately 5 times to pressurise bottle and load spray chamber. Mist will disperse when enough pressure is achieved. 3. Pump as desired for required spray volume and ensure complete coverage on all leaf surfaces including undersides of vegetation. 4. For a 2-3 second continuous spray, quickly pump the trigger to increase pressure in bottle. This allows you to hold the base of the bottle and turn it to easily spray the underside of the leaves. NB: Always hold bottle upright when pumping trigger to avoid drawing air.