Growing Vegetables - An Easy Guide For All Seasons - Book

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Sarah O'Neil is passionate about getting people to grow their own food. If I can do it, anyone can.

She has written a beginners guide to vegetable gardening with weekly advice, tips and techniques through the seasons. Full-colour photos.

Information is provided in useful segments to help new gardeners. They can check their plants for signs, and estimate what needs to be done in their garden. Global climate change has affected the weather patterns of previous years and gardeners are encouraged to make notes and record planting and growing details. The most popular vegetables to grow are presented in charts for easy reference.

This authoritative and helpful vegetable gardening guide is perfect for people who want to garden but don't know where to start they lack confidence and haven't been taught by parents or grandparents. They might look for information via the internet and get frustrated. Here newbie gardeners are guided through the growing season, week by week, with lots of encouragement and helpful advice.

Sarah O'Neil lives on a lifestyle block in the Waikato with her family: Hubby the Un-Gardener, her two sons, Tim and Joey, a cat, goats, chickens, roosters and the occasional pair of lambs.