Hebe - Pretty 'n' Pink

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Bred in New Zealand, Hollywood Hebe are the premier range for their unique compact forms and striking foliage and flower combinations. Flowering from spring they provide a reliable and interesting focus to your garden. Hebe Pretty 'n Pink is a proven winner with its rich green foliage and purple highlights with deepen to a gorgeous burgundy in winter. This is offset by a smattering of pretty pink flowers in summer and autumn.

Equally at home in a pot or the garden, a Hollywood Hebe can be grown as a single specimen or planted in groups for great effect. With regular trimming they can form an attractive informal hedge or border.

Plant Care:

Easy to grow and care for these gardeners favourites will enjoy a light trim after flowering and a regular application of fertiliser in spring and early autumn. Protect from heavy frost when young. Plant in full sun in well drained soil for best results.

Height: 30 cm
Spread: 80 cm
Full Sun
Frost Tender