Hydrangea Sundae Fraise

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Large showy flower heads appear in summer and through
autumn. The new flowers appear white and as they mature
change to shades of pink creating a wonderful display in the
garden. Compact, fast growing variety best planted in a
sunny position.
Deciduous hardy shrub.
Where to Grow
• For maximum effect plant in garden beds in well- drained soil.
• Plant as a feature plant for small places.
• Plant in medium sized containers
• Place in a sunny position, preferably with morning sun
• Enrich soil with organic matter or compost
• Grows 1.2m H x 1.2m W
• Water well while the plant is establishing itself
• Avoid watering flowers and foliage, water from the base of the
• Feed early spring with a slow release fertilizer
• Remove spent flower heads after flowering has finished
• To maintain shape prune late winter