Nature's Way Fungus Spray 200g

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Protects against a very wide range of fungal and bacterial diseases. It is formulated from copper and sulphur, two naturally occurring compounds.


  • Can be used on all ornamentals, fruits and vegetables.

  • There is no withholding period so it can be used right up until harvest.

  • Controls powdery mildew, leaf curl, black spot, early and late blight, bacterial spot, stonefruit blast, verrucosis, brown rot, melanose, downy mildew, rust and bacterial blight.


350g/kg copper as copper oxychloride and 240g/kg sulphur in the form of a wettable powder.

Directions for use

Use 5g (approx. 1 teaspoon) per litre of water. Pre-mix in a small amount of water to form a thin slurry before adding the remaining water. Keep the mixture well stirred.
Apply at 10-14 day intervals. Thorough coverage of the foliage is necessary for good control.


Do not use with Lime Sulphur, Bordeaux mixture or other highly alkaline materials.