Passionfruit Black Beauty

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Flowers 5-8cm across are white and purple, an attraction in themselves. Formed on currant season's wood and will flower in the first year. But unfortunately the life expectancy of a plant is 4 - 7 years. Egg shaped, 4-7.5 cm dark purple fruit with a yellow-orange juicy aromatic flavoured pulp filled with small black seeds.

Habit - Vigorous evergreen vine with tendrils and deeply lobed green shiny leaves. The stem becomes woody with age.

Size - Can grow 1.5-7m per year once established.

Pollination - Self-fertile. Flowers are only open for the day and start to wilt by the afternoon. Also need warm temperatures to be fertile. Passionfruit plants are insect pollinated, therefore adverse weather conditions during flowering may affect fruit set.

Harvest - When fruit changes from green to dark purple, from February to June.