Poultry (Chicken) Compost

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It’s a gardening secret that chicken manure works like magic in your garden. You can get your green fingers on our best-selling garden compost. Proudly produced from a mixture of mature poultry manure and sawdust, our compost is a popular choice for:
  • Vegetable gardens
  • Flower and landscape beds
  • Lawns 
  • Trees 
  • Shrubs 
  • Roses

Our customers are enthusiastic about our garden compost. It is a completely safe, organic gardening product that both conditions and fertilises soil. Unlike other organic composts which use green waste—there is zero risk of introducing unwanted weeds into your garden. 

We stand behind our poultry compost as the perfect product to improve your soil’s physical makeup and provide rich nutrients. Besides optimal plant growth, our aged poultry compost helps plants resist diseases and pests. Our poultry compost has a pH of 7, making it suitable for use in most soil types.