Yates Conqueror Spraying Oil

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A spraying oil for control of scale, mites and mealy bug on fruit trees, grapes and ornamentals.


  • Controls San Jose scale and other scales, mealy bug, European red mite, two spotted mite.

  • For use on pipfruit, stonefruit, grapes, roses, ornamentals and indoor plants.

  • Beneficial insects such as honey bees are unaffected.

  • An excellent leaf polish for smooth leaved indoor plants.

  • Easy to use measure bottle.

How It Works

It works by contact action, coating pests and their eggs with a suffocating film. Because control is by physical means, pests are unable to develop resistance.


970 ml/litre mineral oil in the form of an emulsifiable concentrate.


DO NOT use within 14 days of sulphur sprays. DO NOT mix with sulphur sprays, Lime Sulphur, Captan, Bravo or carbaryl. Safe to use with most other sprays.