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Yates Copper Oxychloride

Yates Copper Oxychloride

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A fungicide that controls a wide range of fungal and bacterial diseases on fruit, vegetables and ornamentals protecting the plant.


  • Broad spectrum copper spray that controls a wide range of fungal and bacterial diseases.


500g/kg copper as copper oxychloride in the form of a wettable powder.

Directions for use

Pre-mix in a small volume of water to form a thin slurry before adding remaining water. Keep well stirred. Through spray coverage of all foliage, buds and stems is necessary for good disease control. spray when foliage and weather conditions are dry.


Avoid spraying in hot sunshine. Copper Oxychloride will stain on contact with walls, fences and other surfaces.

Compatible with most other pesticides except lime sulphur.

Withholding period: 1 day