Yates Insect Gun 750mL

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A natural insecticide for indoor plants and ornamentals growing outdoors for the control of caterpillars, aphids, white fly and a wide range of insects.


  • Contains natural pyrethrin extracts from the pyrethrum daisy.

  • Easy-to-use trigger pack – no mixing required, no measuring, no mess.


0.3g/litre pyrethrins and 1.2g/litre piperonyl butoxide in the form of a ready to use liquid.

Directions for use

Indoor Plants – Spray lightly when pests are first noticed and repeat at weekly intervals as long as pests are active. Spray all foliage including under surfaces of leaves.

Outdoor Ornamentals – Spray as above. Avoid spraying under windy conditions or if rain is expected within 24 hours. Spray in the early morning or late evening. Do not use on young seedlings, or very soft young growth.


Do not allow spray to drift onto desirable plants, aquatic environment or outside the target area. Spray must not contact plants in flower while bees are present. Do not spray when shade temperatures are near 30°C or higher, or when soil is dry and plants are suffering from moisture stress.