Yates Insect Killer for Lawns

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Yates Insect Killer for Lawns is a fast acting, highly effective insecticide for use on home garden lawns. The granular formulation kills insect pests on contact.


  • Controls surface lawn pests such as Armyworm, African black beetle, Sod Webworm, Billbug and Argentine Stem Weevils.

  • Safe to use on all lawns.

  • 800g pack covers 130m2 of lawn.

  • Ready to use shaker pack.

How To Use

Spread Yates Insect Killer for Lawn uniformly over the area to be treated.

To provide optimum control water immediately after application with up to 4mm of water.

Inspect treated areas for continuing activity and reapply as required.

Where a rate range is indicated, use lower rates on lower insect pressure and higher rates on higher insect pressure.



  • If dogs eat the granules, contact your veterinary surgeon immediately.

  • Before application, remove animals and pets from the areas to be treated. Ensure product is applied as directed and watered into lawn before pets and children are allowed to re-enter treated area.

  • DO NOT allow animals to graze on treated areas. DO NOT spread granules directly onto humans, pets, exposed food, food preparation areas or food utensils. Very toxic to fish and aquatic organisms.

  • DO NOT apply granules directly onto or into water.

  • DO NOT apply within 2 metres of a fishpond or water containing fish or other aquatic species.

  • DO NOT allow chemical containers or granules to get into drains, sewers, streams or ponds. Toxic to terrestrial invertebrates. Toxic to bees.

  • DO NOT apply to plants in flower while bees are present.