Yates Sprayfix 200mL

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A wetting agent that improves the efficiency and effectiveness of garden sprays. It can be mixed with fungicides, insecticides and weedkillers to assist spray coverage, adhesion and penetration into leaf tissue.


  • Spreads and sticks sprays to the plants’ surface, especially leaves.

  • Improves spray efficiency and effectiveness when mixed with spray.

  • Can be used with fungicides, insecticides and weedkillers.

  • Useful when spraying plants with hairy or waxy leaves which are normally difficult to wet.

  • Can be used on a wide variety of plants including citrus, apples, plums, peaches, roses, cabbages and onions.

  • Excellent for use with weedkillers on plants such as oxalis, wild onion, wandering Jew, bamboo, kikuyu, couch and other grasses.


Sprayfix is a non-ionic surfactant containing 50g/litre alkylaryl polyglycol ether.

Directions for use

Insecticides and fungicides – Add 25ml per 5 litres of spray mixture

Weedkillers – Add 20ml per 5 litres of spray mixture

Add Sprayfix to spray mixture last to avoid excessive foaming.