Yates Surrender 200mL

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Controls moss, lichen, liverwort and algae in lawns, on roofs, cobblestones, tiles and other hard surfaces including terracotta pots.


  • Controls moss, lichen, liverwort and algae.

  • Can be used on lawns and hard surfaces including terracotta pots.

  • Does not stain concrete or leave unsightly black moss after treatment.

  • Has a powerful penetrating and wetting action and is fast acting.

  • Is absorbed within 5-15 minutes and death of liverwort and algae occurs within days.


500g/litre benzalkonium chloride in the form of a soluble concentrate.

Directions for use

Apply with a sprayer or watering can until the treated area is thoroughly wet. When applying to growing plants test a small sample to ensure that treatment will not be harmful. The foliage of some plants may be damaged if contacted with the spray.

Potted Ornamentals/Terracotta Pots: Mix 10-15ml per litre of water. Spray media/soil in pot, ensuring good coverage of liverwort and moss. If spray contacts foliage, irrigate within 30 minutes of application to wash spray from foliage.

Lawns: Mix 25-50ml per litre of water. Ensure target area is well watered prior to application of product. Good spray coverage is important. Broadcast or spot spraying is acceptable.

Cobblestones, Patio areas, Tiles, Roofs etc: Mix 20ml per litre of water. For heavy infestation clean off after 48 hours and re-apply. Repeat if necessary. NOTE: Do not use on roofs if used to collect drinking water.


Surrender kills lichens on roofs but does not remove them. This can be left to weathering or they can be removed manually a couple of weeks after treatment.
Surrender should not be used with other herbicides.
Surrender does not work as effectively under cold weather conditions.