Yates Thrive Natural Seaweed Tonic

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A seaweed tonic for plant and root health, made from 100% bull kelp sustainably sourced from Southern Oceans.

Great for improving plant resistance and protection against pests, drought and frosts plus reducing transplant shock.

Key Benefits

  • Reduces transplant shock in new plants.

  • Is a natural source of plant growth regulators, such as auxins, cytokinins, gibberellins and betaines, as well as alginates and minerals.

  • Is an excellent plant starter, when applied at low rates stimulates plant and root growth.

  • Aids recovery from stress conditions and improves plant resistance, eg: heat, frost, drought, pests and diseases.

  • Contains 100% cold composted seaweed (think cold pressed olive oil!), a gentle extraction method that preserves more of the delicate plant growth boosting compounds in seaweed.

Tip: Seaweed is not a plant food, it is a tonic. To feed established plants, use this product in combination with Yates Thrive Fish Blood & Bone (which is a combination of natural fish and powerful NPK nutrients for lush foliage, flowers & fruit) every 1-2 weeks.

How To Use

Plant type / Application Rate (in 9 L watering can or sprayer)


Planting out new plants / Transplanting
40–80ml (1-2 capfuls)
At planting and at least once again after 2 weeks.
Before planting soak roots of new plants for at least 15 minutes and after planting, apply over leaves and soil.

New lawns
40–80ml (1-2 capfuls)
Apply to newly laid lawns or newly-seeded lawns 1 week after germination.
Repeat at least once after 2 weeks.
Use 9L of solution over 18m2 using a watering can with sprinkler bar attachment.

Established plants under stress / Lawns under stress
80ml (2 capfuls)
Apply before and after periods of stress and at least once again after 2 weeks.
Apply over leaves and soil around base of plant, and lawn as directed above.

Growth boost of established plants and lawns
80ml (2 capfuls)
Apply in early spring and early autumn.
Apply again after 2 weeks and then apply monthly during rest of growing season.
Apply over leaves and around base of plant to wet the soil, and lawn as directed above.

Delicate plants e.g. ferns and African violets
20ml (half capful)
Apply in early spring and repeat every 2–4 weeks during active growth.
For African violets, apply only around base of plant