Yates Thrive Roses & Flowers Liquid Plant Food 500mL

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Yates Thrive Rose & Flower Liquid Plant Food is a complete liquid fertiliser that provides plants with the balanced nutrition they need to produce large blooms and healthy green foliage. Thrive is a dual action formula that feeds through both leaves and roots, as you water. It works quickly – so you see results sooner.

Enriched with Potassium for more vibrant and prolific blooms. Fast, dual action formulation feeds through roots and leaves. Specifically formulated for roses and flowers. Makes up to 150L of plant food.

Guaranteed analysis: Nitrogen 8%; Phosphorus 2%; Potassium 10%; plus Trace Elements.

Always shake bottle and dilute product into water before use (note: 1 capful = 30 ml).

Fertiliser tip – liquid fertilisers are absorbed by both leaves and roots, so water over entire plant where possible.