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A selective, hormonal weedkiller and contains three active ingredients. Improved Turfix has no activity against grass species and can be used on a regular basis in spring and/or autumn to maintain weed-free lawns.


  • Three-way formulation

  • Can be used as a refill option for Liquid Weed n Feed.

  • Controls broadleaf weeds in lawns without harming grass species.

  • Controls daisies, clovers, Onehunga weed, catsear, chickweed, chamomiles, docks, thistles and dandelion.


Contains 200g/litre mecoprop, 50g/litre MCPA and 6.2g/litre dicamba as the dimethylamine salts in the form of a soluble concentrate.

Directions for use

Mix 65ml of Improved Turfix in 5 litres of water and spray onto 50 square metres of lawn. Apply evenly over the measured area. For new lawns (less than 6 months old), mix 50ml in 5 litres of water and apply to 50 square metres. Correct coverage and water rate is essential. Ensure that 5 litres of water is applied to 50 square metres of lawn. Apply in spring and autumn when weeds and turf are growing vigorously. Do not apply if rain is expected within a few hours. Avoid treatment following long periods of dry weather. Improved Turfix kills weeds slowly. Effects may take 3-4 weeks to appear.

After Application: Flush equipment thoroughly with clean water. Dispose of surplus spray and washings away from garden plants. It is advisable to use a separate sprayer for fungicides and insecticides. Do not mow lawn for 7 days after treatment. Do not use treated grass clippings to mulch plants.